Unlimited SMS notifications

Communicate more easily with your customers. Send the right messages at the right time, or set up your web application to send automatic confirmations.
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A customer communication system integrated into your business website. Via SMS


What do we actually do?

We complement the mobile services you have with a smart system that will allow you to prepare and send notifications, confirmations, alerts, campaigns or simply to keep in touch with customers of your business.

What is important to know about the Notify system?


The mobile application

The Notify mobile app, which can be downloaded from Google Play, gives you features in addition to Android's default messaging app. Once you've installed it and logged in with your notify account, you can send messages and notifications to customers from your number.
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The web application

This is where you create your user account and set up all the features you need. You have access to sent messages in an intuitive interface, you can add contacts and groups, and you can see various useful statistics.
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E-commerce integration

If you have an online store, you can use one of our plugins. This will allow you to send notifications directly from the site for each order stage. Customers will know what is happening with their order, and you will be able to focus on processing it.
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API integration

If you use an application in your business to which you would like to add the function of sending SMS, you can integrate the Notify system using the public API that we have prepared. All you have to do is access the documentation on the dedicated page.
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Perfect, how much does it cost?

Nothing, it's free!

You can send a generous number of messages and enjoy all the features that Notify has to offer.
Do you need a large amount of data? Take a look at the pricing plans specially prepared for you.
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