Privacy Policy

We keep your data safe keeps your data safe. We have taken all technical and organizational measures for data protection and security.

Tips to protect your data:

  • Use secure passwords
  • Keep your devices safe
  • Protect yourself from spam emails
  • Protect yourself from media fraud
  • Protect children online

What happens to your data at

When you use our services, you give us access to some personal data. Below are some examples of situations in which we use this data:

  • Facilitate the sending of emails, faxes and text messages, internet searches or the use of applications
  • So that we can answer your questions or complaints about the services used
  • Let's improve our marketing services
  • Let's answer questions about services and products

Your agreement, permissions and rights

You have the opportunity to express your consent to the processing of your personal data, including your personal numerical code, under the conditions described in "Information on the processing of personal data" available on You will benefit from such services and personalized offers, adapted to your preferences, so that you have the best experience.

Profile creation: by understanding how you use products and services, we can improve your online marketing experience and create offers tailored to your needs.

Traffic and location data: by analyzing the traffic and location data in the network, we can recommend offers and services of interest to you, in your area of ​​interest. We can also improve your overall experience in direct marketing campaigns.

Internet browsing data: we can recommend offers and services of interest to you, in your area of ​​interest.

We protect children supports parents. In the Permissions section you will be able to let us know if a phone number is being used by a minor, and we:

We will recommend the offers and services of interest to the tutor;
We offer you the possibility to change the user's status at any time.

Prices do not include VAT.
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