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One subscription. Unlimited

Whether you want to send 10 messages or 10000*, you will have at your disposal an application that helps you to send them in a simple and efficient way.
* check the limits set by your mobile service provider

First month for free

You have one month to test all the features of the application for free. You can register your device, upload contacts, schedule and send SMS, and set up integration with the online store.
No risks. You do not need to enter a bank card for the first 30 days.
Then it just costs

99 RON / month

Unique subscription, unlimited messages.
You can send messages to customers on your own phone.
No need for a short number
You can upload a contact list.
With all customers
You have the history of sent messages at hand.
In the last 7 days
We ask for your payment details only once.
We use recurring payments through Stripe
You can generate an API key for integration.
Registering an Android phone
We are by your side whenever you need help!
Let's go
Prices do not include VAT.
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