E-commerce integration

Do you have an online store? Your customers will appreciate the real-time communication about the status of their order. Your messages will be read faster than an email, and you may receive feedback more easily
Integrations with open-source platforms * (Wordpress, OpenCart, Magento, Prestashop) provide the ability to set a notification for each order status

Wordpress integration

Wordpress plugin integrates easily and directly with WooCommerce, the most popular platform for online stores
Download Notify for Wordpress

Order status template

Create a template for each step of the order

Dynamic customization

Use shortcuts like (name) and (price) which will be replaced with the actual order data
* In addition to the Wordpress plugin, we also offer the OpenCart, Magento, Prestashop plugins, but at the moment it does not benefit from continuous development and support.

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Core Notify applications

Find the information you need to get started with Notify. The web application and the mobile application are the two tools that run Notify.

API and other integration possibilities

Need to use Notify for a custom deployment? View the API documentation and integrate Notify into your application.
Perfect, how much does it cost?

Nothing, it's free!

You can send a generous number of messages and enjoy all the features that Notify has to offer.
Do you need a large amount of data? Take a look at the pricing plans specially prepared for you.
Prices do not include VAT.
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