Base Notify Apps

The Notify core is made up of both web and mobile applications.
In order to send SMS with our solution you must have a phone running on Android, a mobile subscription and an account on our platform (

The web app

The place where it all begins. You sign up and enjoy the ability to send messages even when you don't have your phone with you. Here are some features.
Enter the application


See at a glance the recent activity and other important statistics

Send multiple SMS's

You can send the same message to a list of customers. And you can create templates to reuse

Upload contacts

Transfer contacts through an Excel file and create predefined groups

Message history

You have access to all messages sent in the last seven days

Android App

A new way to send text messages from your phone. You have a few more features in addition to the default Android application
Download Notify for Android

Notify messages

When the application is set as default, it automatically retrieves and sends web application messages

Two-way communication

You can quickly answer any questions and wishes of customers

Custom colors

Add a personal item to the app by choosing your favorite color


You can back up your messages and restore them very easily.

Other features


How do you integrate notify into your site?

To use the Notify system for your site, see the integration page. Here's how to send notifications right from the site.

API and other integration possibilities

Need to use Notify for a custom deployment? View the API documentation and integrate Notify into your application.
Perfect, how much does it cost?

Nothing, it's free!

You can send a generous number of messages and enjoy all the features that Notify has to offer.
Do you need a large amount of data? Take a look at the pricing plans specially prepared for you.
Prices do not include VAT.
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